Reducing Agents

Developed in 1906, Sodium Formaldehyde Sulfoxylate, also known as SFS, is still one of the most important industrial reducing agents. BrüggemannChemical is the only remaining producer of SFS in the Western world and markets the product under the trade name Bruggolite®. Besides various Bruggolite® types in solid form, several liquid reducing agents have been developed by BrüggemannChemical which are based on Sodium Formaldehyde Sulfoxylate, too.

BrüggemannChemical has gainedprofound experience in the manufacturing and marketing of sulfur-based reducing agents since 1926. Over this period of time, the requirements for these products concerning their application and their properties have changed significantly. Being an innovative company, BrüggemannChemical always has the aim to at offer new solutions for the most recent requirements of the market.

The increasing use of reducing agents as initiators for emulsion polymerization opened up a very challenging and diversified field of applications. Traditional reducing agents, which are mainly used in this field, cannot cope with the highest requirements of new polymers sufficiantly. For these applications, BrüggemannChemical offers the socond generation of sulfur-based reucing agents with the brand name Bruggolite®FF6M. Another field of applications represents the cosmetic industry with very specific requirements. Bruggolite®FF7 has been developed for this sector.

BrüggemannChemical works continuously on satisfying its customers’ demands with new developments.

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