Zinc Oxide

As a zinc producer with a long tradition BrüggemannChemical is able to offer you a broad variety of products for several applications. Direct and indirect zinc oxides are so called thermal zinc oxides which have a broad spectrum of applications. They are utilized for instance in the rubber-, the ceramics/glass-, the pharmaceutical/cosmetic- and the paint/coatings industry.

Active zinc oxide and zinc carbonate are produced wet process by precipitation from a zinc containing solution. BrüggemannChemical manufactures products with a specific surface area of up to 100m˛/g by a careful drying procedure. Active zinc oxides are mainly utilized in the rubber industry. In cooperation with our customers, BrüggemannChemical has recently developed new application fields in the area of personal care and household. Due to the achieved extremely high specific surface areas, the active zinc products are used for absorption and adsorption materials for instance for Denox- and desulfurizing catalysts and among others for the production of special zinc products for the chemical industry.

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