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Toll Production

We manu­fac­ture our products on high-perform­ance, special produc­tion equip­ment, and in this area we have achieved a high level of compet­ence that puts us in a posi­tion to also provide indi­vidual product solu­tions.

Spray Drying

We produce some of our powder products econom­ic­ally and spar­ingly through this drying process. We can provide some of our free capa­city to you for contract drying. We offer spray drying of aqueous, solvent-containing, and/or oxid­a­tion-sens­itive solu­tions, suspen­sions, and emul­sions. If needed, we can produce solu­tions, suspen­sions, and emul­sions on site or perform simple syntheses.

Milling / Blending / Pellet­izing

As a manu­fac­turer of addit­ives, we have many years of exper­i­ence in produ­cing powder blends and converting them into low-dust gran­u­lates. On these high-perform­ance milling, blending, and pellet­izing facil­ities we also produce custom additive blends for tech­nical plastics. Our core compet­ence here lies in the produc­tion of special copper-based stabil­izing blends. We can supple­ment these contract manu­fac­turing projects through addi­tional services, such as procure­ment of raw mater­ials, packing, quality assur­ance, labor­atory services, and product approvals.

In addi­tion, contract manu­fac­turing is integ­rated in our quality, envir­on­mental, energy, and sustain­ab­ility manage­ment systems.


Dr. Matthias Bruch

Technical Marketing and Product Management 
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Elisabeth Bierhalter

Customer Service Toll Production

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