Additives for polyamides and polyesters

Plastics that must meet high require­ments need support: Under the trade name BRUGGOLEN® we offer special high-perform­ance addit­ives for tech­nical plastics with an emphasis on poly­amide (PA 6, PA 6.6, PA 12, and copoly­amide), including heat, processing, and light stabil­izers, processing aids, and modi­fiers. BRUGGOLEN® polymer addit­ives can be used in injec­tion molding and extru­sion, as well as in the pack­aging industry and fiber industry. These polymer addit­ives ensure effi­cient processing as well as an improved service life for plastic parts, and they offer high quality on econom­ical terms. Our polymer addit­ives are readily avail­able as indi­vidual products or combin­a­tion products (One-Packs). One-Packs are ready-mixed compounds of two or more addit­ives and they are tailored to special solu­tions and applic­a­tions. One-Packs are avail­able as powder, compactate, or master batch, and in this regard help to save almost half of the additive raw mater­ials.

Heat Stab­il­izers

For many mater­ials the phys­ical prop­er­ties and the appear­ance of the plastic are in some cases consid­er­ably changed through the influ­ence of heat, light, and atmo­spheric oxygen. In this regard a distinc­tion is made between processing stabil­izers that primarily coun­teract polymer degrad­a­tion in the melt phase (compounding, injec­tion molding, extru­sion), long-term stabil­izers that prevent polymer degrad­a­tion under increased ambient temper­at­ures (60 - 130°C) during finished part use, high-temper­ature stabil­izers that are effective up to 180°C, and UV stabil­izers for effective protec­tion of finished parts against polymer degrad­a­tion by through UV radi­ation. Combin­a­tions of different addit­ives provide addi­tional synergy effects.

Copper-salt-based anti-oxid­ants:
Highly effi­cient heat stabil­iz­a­tion of poly­amides up to 180°C

Classic heat stabil­izers based on copper salts
BRUGGOLEN® H320 / H321*

BRUGGOLEN® H324 / H325*


Highly effective anti­ox­id­ants based on copper iodide

  • High-perform­ance long-term stabil­iz­a­tion
  • Char­ac­ter­istic bluish or greenish color after condi­tioning
  • Excel­lent quality and homo­gen­eity through special produc­tion processes
  • Selec­tion of stabil­izers for many customer require­ments
Copper-complex-based heat stabil­izers for reten­tion of the natural poly­amide color after condi­tioning
BRUGGOLEN® H3386 / H3387*
BRUGGOLEN® H3350 / H3351**

High-perform­ance long-term stabil­iz­a­tion / natural colors 

  • Excel­lent UV stabil­iz­a­tion
  • Very effective disper­sion
  • H3351** Master­batch is suit­able for mono­fil­a­ment and fiber applic­a­tions
BRUGGOLEN® H3376 / H3377*

Espe­cially suited for applic­a­tions in the elec­trical/elec­tronics sector

  • Main­tains high tracking resist­ance (Compar­ative Tracking Index – CTI) up to 600 V
  • H3377* compacted gran­u­late is suit­able for mono­fil­a­ment and fiber applic­a­tions
  • High extrac­tion resist­ance; no deposits

Copper-complex-based heat stabil­izers with char­ac­ter­istic bluish discol­or­a­tion after condi­tioning

BRUGGOLEN® H3336 / H3346*

BRUGGOLEN® H3344 / H3345*
  • Cost-effective
  • Excel­lent disper­sion
  • High extrac­tion resist­ance; no deposits
  • H3345* compacted gran­u­late is suit­able for mono­fil­a­ment and fiber applic­a­tions
  • H3344 main­tains tracking resist­ance (CTI) up to 600V; there­fore also suit­able for E/E applic­a­tions
The next gener­a­tion: Signi­fic­antly longer heat resist­ance over a broad temper­ature range

Outper­forms phenol-based stabil­izers / natural color

  • Extended stabil­iz­a­tion of its mech­an­ical prop­er­ties
  • Low copper and halogen content; enables a halogen-free clas­si­fic­a­tion in accord­ance with IEC 61249-2-21
  • Main­tains high tracking resist­ance (CTI) up to 600 V; consequently also suit­able for E/E applic­a­tions
  • Retains its natural color
  • Superior to phenol/phos­phite blends, even in the low and medium temper­ature range
  • Excel­lent disper­sion, easy hand­ling, precise dosing

All products in powder form, except *Poly­meric Gran­u­late **Master­batch

BRUGGOLEN H: heat stabil­izers for poly­amides

Process stabil­izers

High-quality protec­tion of poly­amides against discol­or­a­tion during processing

  • Prevents yellowing during melt processing
  • Also protects against discol­or­a­tion through heat aging and UV light
  • Outper­forms organic phos­phates due to:
    • Signi­fic­antly higher stability against high shear and at high processing temper­at­ures
    • Minimal volat­ility
    • Higher hydro­lysis resist­ance
  • Espe­cially suited for use in glass-fiber rein­forced poly­amides
Phenol-based stabil­izers

Long-term protec­tion against heat aging of poly­amides for tech­nical applic­a­tions

  • Does not discolor
  • Superbly suited for glass-fiber-rein­forced or mineral-filled poly­amides

Long-term protec­tion against heat aging of poly­amide fibers and non-rein­forced or unfilled injec­tion-molding poly­amide types and extru­sion-poly­amide types

  • Excel­lent color stabil­iz­a­tion, e.g., during storage
    Non-extract­able, no deposits

Extremely effi­cient color stabil­iz­a­tion and long-term heat stabil­iz­a­tion of tech­nical plastics

  • Non-extract­able, no deposits
  • Also effective in poly­es­ters, polycar­bon­ates and styrene poly­mers
  • Excel­lent color stabil­iz­a­tion

Outstanding combin­a­tion of process stabil­izer and anti­ox­idant for poly­acetals

  • Neut­ral­izes form­al­de­hyde
Amine-based stabil­izers

Protec­tion of poly­amides against corro­sion through hot oil, grease, and glycols

  • Good long-term stabil­iz­a­tion up to 150°C
  • Char­ac­ter­istic brownish-trans­lu­cent discol­or­a­tion

Processing Agents for poly­amides and poly­es­ters

With its processing agents, Brügge­mann supports poly­amide compounders in cost-effi­ciently improving the processing char­ac­ter­istics of poly­amides. In this way, the flow­ab­ility of poly­amides rein­forced with glass fiber, for example, can be increased and their good mech­an­ical prop­er­ties can be retained. Such highly-satur­ated poly­amides are an outstanding replace­ment for metal in tech­nical parts.

Nucleating agents
For poly­amides

For poly­es­ters

Highly-effi­cient nucle­ating agent for poly­amides (P22) and poly­es­ters (P252)

  • Signi­fic­antly reduces the cycle time for injec­tion-mold processing
  • Improves dimen­sional stability – signi­fic­antly reduces warpage in glass-fiber-rein­forced poly­mers
  • Improves mech­an­ical prop­er­ties (tensile strength, rigidity, etc.)
  • Increases deflec­tion temper­ature
  • Non-volatile; non-extract­able

New nucle­ating agent for poly­amides – in gran­u­late form

  • Suit­able for high processing temper­at­ures
  • Easy to dose, easy to disperse and to process
  • Improved surface quality of the nucle­ated poly­amides
    For applic­a­tions in compounding and directly in injec­tion molding
Flow improver for poly­amides

Improved flow and outstanding mech­an­ical prop­er­ties

  • Outstanding melt flow; signi­fic­antly longer spiral-flow filling
  • No influ­ence on mech­an­ical prop­er­ties (modulus of elasti­city, tensile strength, elong­a­tion, impact strength is retained)
  • Better process­ab­ility of glass-fiber-rein­forced poly­amides
  • Offers advant­ages for injec­tion-mold processing, such as shorter cycle times, lower energy consump­tion, use of highly complex part designs
  • Easy to dose and disperse
Processing Agents


Combin­a­tion of internal and external anti-fric­tion agents espe­cially for poly­amides “P14 and P130” and poly­ester (P130)

  • Very effi­cient due to minimal volat­ility and high temper­ature stability
  • For high-gloss applic­a­tions, protec­tion of high surface qual­ities
  • Outstanding demold­ab­ility
  • Wider processing window
Combin­a­tion products for poly­amides



Ready-to-use, syner­gistic combin­a­tions for injec­tion molding applic­a­tions

  • P30/P31* is partic­u­larly for the recon­di­tioning of fiber wastes or regen­er­ates
  • Increases flow­ab­ility
  • Good demold­ab­ility, reduced cycle time
  • Effective color and processing stabil­iz­a­tion
  • P35* contains addi­tional long-term heat stabil­iz­a­tion
Processing Auxil­iary (liquid) for dry blends

Improved quality of dry blends (polymer gran­u­late + powder additive)

  • Reduces separ­a­tion during trans­port
  • Improves disper­sion of addit­ives

All products in powder form, except *Polymer Gran­u­late


Brügge­mann offers modi­fiers, for both chain build-up and chain disin­teg­ra­tion. For example, with its “chain shortener” the molecular weight of highly viscous poly­amide wastes can be trans­formed into high-perform­ance injec­tion molding types, whose mech­an­ical prop­er­ties corres­pond to those of on off-the-shelf new injec­tion molded type of the same viscosity. Cost advant­ages included.

Chain extenders for poly­amides


Unique increase in molecular weight through linear chain exten­sion

  • No cross-linking
  • Upgrade from injec­tion molding quality to extru­sion quality
  • Increased impact strength
  • Increased elong­a­tion at break
  • For typical applic­a­tions in extru­sion, blow-molding, recyc­ling, and injec­tion molding
  • M1253 micro-gran­u­late suit­able for mono­fil­a­ments and fiber applic­a­tions
Chain Breaking Agent for the recyc­ling of High Viscous Poly­­amide Waste

Controlled and repro­du­cible reduc­tion of molecular weight

  • Precise adjust­ment of relative viscosity to a specified target value
  • Upcyc­ling to injec­tion molding qual­ities
  • Achieves flow capab­il­ities and mech­an­ical prop­er­ties compar­able to virgin poly­amide
  • Offers cost advant­ages due to reuse of waste material
All products in polymer gran­u­late form

Light stabil­izers

Strength­ening and bright­ening: Brügge­mann’s light stabil­izers provide compounders with addit­ives that specific­ally improve the color stability of poly­amides.

Light Stab­il­izers/Optical bright­eners for Engin­eering Ther­mo­plastics

Extremely effi­cient combin­a­tion of optical bright­eners and stabil­izers

  • Color bright­ening
  • Improved color stability due to better resist­ance at high processing temper­at­ures
  • Masks yellowing that has already occurred


Effective protec­tion against aging through UV light and heat

  • Syner­gistic combin­a­tion of UV stabil­izers
  • L20 for pigmented systems, L206 for non-pigmented systems


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