Reducing Agents

Since 1926, Brügge­mann has success­fully manu­fac­tured and sold Brug­golite® sulfur based redu­cing agents. Based on Sodium Form­al­de­hyde Sulfoxylate, the very first indus­trial chem­ical from Brügge­mann, our devel­op­ment expertise has expanded the applic­a­tion areas where these products enable our customers to improve their mater­ials.

Brügge­mann is the first company to offer a sulfur-based form­al­de­hyde free redu­cing agent, Brug­golite® FF6 M.  Our unique R&D activ­ities continue to develop new, envir­on­ment­ally friendly grades of redu­cing agents that provide addi­tional bene­fits.  In addi­tion to Brug­golite® grades in solid form, we also produce redu­cing agents in stable liquid form for customers that want to avoid solid hand­ling.             

Our redu­cing agents are supplied glob­ally to improve water­borne emul­sion poly­mers.  New regu­latory demands for VOC/Form­al­de­hyde reduc­tion in coat­ings and adhes­ives are achiev­able with our advanced redu­cing agents, enabling water­borne poly­mers to replace solvent based mater­ials in many areas. Other typical indus­trial uses include textile, paper, and mineral bleaching.

Advanced Form­al­de­hyde Free Redu­cing Agents

Form­al­de­hyde free redu­cing agents from Brügge­mann enable solu­tions for the latest tech­nical chal­lenges of envir­on­mental aware­ness, rising quality demands, and improved applic­a­tion perform­ance.  Our products and tech­niques enable emul­sion polymer produ­cers to improve effi­ciency with more sustain­able raw mater­ials. All offer the following attrib­utes:

  • Form­al­de­hyde and VOC free
  • Increased react­ivity – better perform­ance at lower dosage and time
  • Low to zero residual free monomer level
  • Non yellowing
  • FDA Direct Food Contact approval
  • Dust free micro gran­ules

Brug­golite® FF6 M

Brug­golite® FF6 M is the first form­al­de­hyde free sulfur based redu­cing agent which enables adher­ence to strin­gent regu­latory require­ments of emul­sion poly­mers.
Recom­mended pH range 4-8.  Effective as low as 20 °C for main and post poly­mer­iz­a­tion.

Brug­golite® E28

Brug­golite® E28 offers improved perform­ance for emul­sion poly­mers requiring a redu­cing agent applied at pH range of 2-4.

Redu­cing Agent TP 1853

TP 1853 is a new form­al­de­hyde free grade with wide pH and temper­ature range. It offers improved perform­ance in vinyl acetate emul­sion poly­mers.

Redu­cing Agent TP 1651

TP 1651 is a new form­al­de­hyde free grade with wide pH and temper­ature range. It demon­strates excel­lent perform­ance in styrene acrylate emul­sion poly­mers and better perform­ance with hydro­phobic monomers such as 2-EHA and Butyl Acrylate.

Conven­tional Redu­cing Agents

Since 1926, Brügge­mann has continu­ously manu­fac­tured Sodium Form­al­de­hyde Sulfoxylate (SFS) in high volume at our dedic­ated produc­tion facil­ities in Heil­bronn, Germany.

Our histor­ical rela­tion­ship with customers has enabled us to optimize this indus­trial chem­ical for numerous applic­a­tions with our high quality, low impurity products. We offer an entire port­folio of SFS based redu­cing agents typic­ally used for emul­sion poly­mer­iz­a­tion, mineral bleaching, and discharge printing.

Brug­golite® E01

Brug­golite® E01 (SFS) redu­cing agent is avail­able in fast dissolving powder or dust-free gran­ular solid form.  Suit­able for use in acidic and alkaline envir­on­ments.

Redu­cing Agent TP 1648

Redu­cing Agent TP 1648 is a new, advanced grade of SFS.  This replace­ment grade enables 50% form­al­de­hyde reduc­tion in typical applic­a­tions. Supplied in dust-free micro gran­ular form.

Brug­golite® L40/L35/NO 5

Brug­golite® L40 (40%), L35 (35%), and NO 5 (40%) are aqueous solu­tions of SFS supplied in poly­ethylene drums, IBC totes, or tankers for customers that prefer not to dissolve solid SFS on site. Brug­golite® NO 5 offers reduced odor.

Brug­golite® NF

This unique SFS based redu­cing agent in powder form is used to stabilize solu­tions and prepar­a­tions in the phar­ma­ceut­ical industry. Certi­fied to meet US phar­ma­copeia require­ments.

Sodium Hydro­sulphite

Also known as sodium dith­ionite, in use since the early 20th century. The first stable redu­cing agent used on an indus­trial scale for vat dyeing of Indigo.

New fields of applic­a­tion include:

Textile industry

  • Reduc­tion of vat dyes
  • Reductive clearing of poly­ester dyeing
  • Cleaning of the vat and other equip­ment
  • Reductive bleaching of cotton, animal and plant fibers
  • Optical bright­ening of viscose and nylon fibers

Paper bleaching

  • Reductive bleaching of recycled paper
  • Reductive bleaching of ground­wood pulp, TMP und CTMP

Mineral bleaching, (kaolin or clay)

Elec­tro­plating (detox­i­fic­a­tion of chrome containing wastewater)

Brügge­mann specialty grades include:

SODIUM HYDRO­SULFITE N:   Standard quality

SODIUM HYDRO­SULFITE S:   Standard quality, low dust

SODIUM HYDRO­SULFITE F:   Formate based grade

Anti­ox­id­izing Agents for Anti-yellowing

Our unique sulfur-based, water-soluble anti­ox­id­izing agent success­fully prevent discol­or­a­tion of emul­sion poly­mers caused by high temper­ature and oxygen exposure. VOC and form­al­de­hyde free.

TP 1605

TP 1605 anti­ox­id­izing agent for water-based emul­sion poly­mers and solid poly­mers.

  • Heat resistant up to 150°C
  • Best used in alkaline envir­on­ment, pH > 8

TP 1634

TP 1634 anti­ox­id­izing agent for water-based emul­sion poly­mers and solid poly­mers.

  • Heat resistant up to 200°C
  • Best used in acidic envir­on­ment, pH < 7


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