Reducing Agents

Since 1926 our port­folio has included indus­trial chem­icals. The company has had exper­i­ence with produ­cing and marketing sulfur-based, and later also form­al­de­hyde-free redu­cing agents. Discovered over 100 years ago, sodium form­al­de­hyde sulfoxylate (SFS) is still one of the most important indus­trial redu­cing agents used today. We market it under the name Brug­golite® and currently we are its only manu­fac­turer in the western world. In addi­tion to various Brug­golite® types in solid form, Brügge­mann also offers liquid redu­cing agents on the basis of sodium form­al­de­hyde sulfoxylate. We keep devel­oping our redu­cing agents in light of new market require­ments and applic­a­tion possib­il­ities. In addi­tion to the textile industry, they are also used as initi­ators in the produc­tion of polymer disper­sions, in an increas­ingly important and very demanding and diverse field.

Formal­de­hyde-Free Redu­cing Agents

Stricter envir­on­mental regu­la­tions, higher demands on products, and increasing cost pres­sure:

Confronted with these chal­lenges, manu­fac­turers of polymer disper­sions are increas­ingly dependent on redu­cing agents that exceed their conven­tional perform­ance capa­city.


With its patented new devel­op­ment Brug­golite®FF6M, Brügge­mann has developed its own redu­cing agent that effi­ciently masters the chal­lenges asso­ci­ated with emul­sion poly­mer­iz­a­tion.

Addi­tional product inform­a­tion:

  • Avoids yellowing of polymer disper­sions
  • Shows increased effi­ciency in the removal of residual monomers
  • Is free of form­al­de­hyde and VOCs
  • Has high react­ivity
  • Has Food Contact approval from the Amer­ican FDA
  • Avail­able as a dust-free micro-gran­u­late


With a compos­i­tion optim­ized for the rigorous require­ments of the cosmetics industry, Brug­golite®FF7 also has the positive prop­er­ties of Brug­golite®FF6, and thus it can also be used as a redu­cing agent for emul­sion poly­mer­iz­a­tion.

Addi­tional product inform­a­tion:

  • Is free of form­al­de­hyde and VOCs
  • Shows increased effi­ciency in the removal of residual monomers
  • Avoids yellowing of polymer disper­sions


Brug­golite®E28 is the tech­nical variant of Brug­golite®FF7, and it is suit­able for use in the produc­tion of polymer disper­sions.

Addi­tional product inform­a­tion:

  • Has high react­ivity
  • Is well suited for low pH values
  • Avoids yellowing of polymer disper­sions

Conven­tional Redu­cing Agents

In the constant commu­nic­a­tion with customers, over the years Brügge­mann has optim­ized sodium form­al­de­hyde sulfoxylate (SFS) for a wide variety of applic­a­tion areas, so that today we can offer a complete product palette of solid and liquid redu­cing agents based on SFS.


Brug­golite®E01 is a redu­cing agent in solid form that is suit­able for both emul­sion poly­mer­iz­a­tion and bleaching of textiles.

Addi­tional product inform­a­tion:

  • Is composed of sodium hydroxy­meth­anes­ulfinate (NHS)
  • Avail­able as powder or gran­u­late
  • Manu­fac­tured based on over 80 years of produc­tion exper­i­ence in Germany


Brug­golite®L40, L35, and No5 are some of our liquid and odor-improved redu­cing agents. For example, they consid­er­ably facil­itate manual dosing – e.g., in the textile industry, partic­u­larly in poly­ester reduc­tion clearing and emul­sion poly­mer­iz­a­tion.

Addi­tional product inform­a­tion:

  • Is offered in standard packing: 125-liter plastic drum, 1,250-liter inter­me­diate bulk container (IBC), tank truck
  • Stab­il­ized, ready-for-processing, aqueous solu­tion with maximum shelf-life
  • For the US market it is espe­cially recom­mended in a concen­tra­tion of 35% (L35)
  • Suit­able for water-based poly­mer­iz­a­tion and the textile industry
  • Saves a process step and trans­port costs
  • No crys­tal­liz­a­tion in trans­port and storage during winter


In the phar­ma­ceut­icals industry too, redu­cing agents help stabilize solu­tions. Our product, Brug­golite®NF, is USP certi­fied and tested, so it can be used in specific indus­tries.

Addi­tional product inform­a­tion:

  • Is composed of sodium hydroxy­meth­anes­ulfinate (NHS)
  • Redu­cing agent in powder form
  • Phar­ma­ceut­ical quality, specified and tested in accord­ance with the current edition of the United States Phar­ma­copeia (USP)

Sodium Hydro­sulphite

Sodium hydro­sulphite, also known as sodium dith­ionite, was developed in the early 20th century. Initially used in textile printing, but with the struc­tural change in the textile industry it is increas­ingly used to bleach ground-wood pulp in the paper industry. For these applic­a­tions Brügge­mann offers the products Sodium Hydro­sulphite S, N, and F.

However, as a strong and reactive redu­cing agent, in special formu­la­tions sodium hydro­sulfite is also used in special areas, e.g., reduc­tion of heavy metals such as chro­mium in wastewater. For these applic­a­tions we deliver the product Sodium Hydro­sulfite S.

Addi­tional product inform­a­tion:

  • Suit­able for dying and imprinting in the textile and leather indus­tries
  • Bleaching of minerals and clay
  • Wastewater treat­ment (for example in the elec­tro­plating industry)
  • Bleaching of ground-wood pulp and recyc­ling paper


Redu­cing agents with lower activity can be used as anti­ox­id­ants. For example, with high temper­at­ures and exposure to atmo­spheric oxygen, it can prevent the yellowing of polymer disper­sions.

TP 1634

The tech­nical variant of our Blan­colen® HP is partic­u­larly suited for use in lattices and solids.

Addi­tional product inform­a­tion:

  • Heat-resistant to 200 °C
  • Prevents yellowing from oxygen


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