Redox Courses

Redox for main and post poly­­mer­­­iz­a­­tion continues to grow in popularity.  To support this growth, Brügge­­mann has developed a series of condensed present­a­­tions on various aspects of the use and imple­­ment­a­­tion of redox chem­­istry in emul­­sion poly­­mer­­­iz­a­­tion.  These present­a­­tions are under 10 minutes long and can be presented at the Amer­ican Coat­ings show in Indi­ana­polis or via any type of web-based meeting soft­ware.  Fill in your contact inform­a­­tion below the course list and let us know which topics are of interest.  One of our tech­n­ical special­ists will contact you.

  • Course 101
    Intro­duc­tion to Redox Chem­istry
  • Course 103
    Redox & Oxygen Scav­en­ging - An Extra Benefit
  • Course 104
    Redox Ratios – Weight, Molar and Stoi­­chiometric Calcu­la­tions
  • Course 105
    Ascorbate Altern­ative – Non-yellowing & Low Cost & FDA Approved
  • Course 106
    New Advanced Redu­cing Agents
  • Course 200
    Redox Stability & the Impact on Feed Options – Shot vs. Feed
  • Course 201
    Room Temper­­ature Initi­a­tion & the Impact on Polymer Morpho­­logy and Perform­ance
  • Course 202
    Redox Impact on Biocide Preser­­va­­tion
  • Course 204
    Altern­ative Dosage options – Shot and Hybrid Feeds
  • Course 205
    Redox for Vinyl Acrylics
  • Course 206
    Redox & Reactive Surfact­ants
  • Course 300
    Optim­­izing Redox - Minim­­­izing time, Dosage, & Residual Monomer
  • Course 301
    Chase Effi­ciency vs. Ascorbates
  • Course 302
    New Altern­­at­ives to Ascorbates. FDA Approved & No Yellowing
  • Course 303
    Carbon Foot­print Reduc­tion and Energy Savings
  • Course 304
    Using Redox to Improve Film Prop­er­ties
  • Course 306
    Redu­cing agents & Stability
  • Course 308
    Syner­gies Created by Using Blends of Different Oxid­izers

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