Zinc Derivatives

At Brügge­mann, the produc­tion of zinc compounds has more than 50 years of tradi­tion and it is one of our core compet­en­cies. Our focus is on produ­cing active zinc oxides and zinc carbon­ates. To meet the increasing require­ments for fine­ness, purity, efficacy, and minim­iz­a­tion of consump­tion we have developed tailor-made products for our customers, which we continu­ously update in line with chan­ging market require­ments and legal constraints.

Zinc Oxide

Brügge­mann offers its customers active as well as direct and indirect zinc oxides.The active zinc oxides are our specialty, and we produce them from zinc-bearing solu­tions through wet-chem­ical proced­ures in the precip­it­a­tion stage. Through a gentle drying process, Brügge­mann manu­fac­tures products with high specific surfaces of up to 100 m²/g. The active compounds are used primarily in the rubber industry. In our own Elast­omer Tech­nical Center we continu­ously optimize our customers’ formu­la­tions. In addi­tion, we keep devel­oping new applic­a­tion areas in the cosmetics and house­hold sectors, but also in the chem­ical industry. Our direct and indirect so-called thermal zinc oxides serve a broad applic­a­tion spec­trum. For instance, they are used in the rubber, glass/ceramics, phar­ma­ceut­icals/cosmetics, and paint/varnish indus­tries.

Zinc Oxide RAC / Zinc Oxide RAC S

“RAC” stands for “rubber active,” and desig­nates our active zinc oxide produced espe­cially for the rubber industry. Due to its char­ac­ter­istics and its attractive price/perform­ance ratio, it has a vigor­ously growing market poten­tial.

In rubber compounds, Zinc Oxide RAC enables reduc­tion of the dosing quantity relative to the thermal zinc oxides by as much as 50% with the same or improved phys­ical prop­er­ties in the resulting product. In addi­tion, Zinc Oxide RAC S offers an optim­ized grain size distri­bu­tion.

Addi­tional product inform­a­tion:

  • Activ­ator for sulfur and thiuram vulcan­iz­a­tion
  • Ideal for inert systems like EPDM
  • Outstanding price-perform­ance ratio
  • Optim­ized compos­i­tion for vulcan­iz­a­tion
  • Reduc­tion of heavy metal content by up to 50% is possible relative to conven­tional systems

Zinc Oxide RAC CS

Zinc Oxide RAC CS is an active zinc oxide manu­fac­tured in accord­ance with the core shell prin­ciple. Zinc oxide molecules in the interior of a conven­tional particle are not avail­able for forming the important ZnO accel­er­ator complexes.

Since we apply the “core-shell” prin­ciple known from medi­cine and cata­lysis to zinc oxide, we need less zinc, because only the particle boundary layer of finely distrib­uted ZnO molecules persists – and these are avail­able for chem­ical reac­tions. This results in vulcan­iz­ates with signi­fic­antly improved prop­er­ties.

Addi­tional product inform­a­tion:

  • Suit­able for use in the rubber industry
  • A vulcan­iz­a­tion activ­ator with signi­fic­antly reduced zinc content for better phys­ical prop­er­ties at the same time

Zinc Oxide AC

Thanks to its ideal particle consti­tu­tion, this is a product that is suit­able for the cata­lyst industry. With its effi­ciency, Zinc Oxide AC can also be optim­ally used in the rubber industry.

Addi­tional product inform­a­tion:

  • High purity for zinc-cata­lyzed processes
  • High surface area for high conver­sion rates
  • Activ­ator for sulfur and thiuram vulcan­iz­a­tion
  • Suit­able for the manu­fac­ture of trans­parent and trans­lu­cent rubber items

Zinc Oxide Pro Series

The Zinc Oxide Pro Series main­tains its market posi­tion in the rubber industry as an active zinc compound, partic­u­larly relative to thermal zinc oxides, due to its price-perform­ance ratio.

Addi­tional product inform­a­tion:

  • Vulcan­iz­a­tion activ­ators with emphasis on price, perform­ance, and ecology
  • 1:1 exchange of thermal zinc oxides

Direct/Indirect Zinc Oxides

A mixture of directly and indir­ectly produced zinc oxides that enrich many different applic­a­tion sectors. The products Zinc Oxide Pharma, Zinc Oxide White Seal, Zinc Oxide Red Seal, and Zinc Oxide Special are genuine all-rounders.

Prop­er­ties: Zinc Oxide Pharma:

  • Zinc oxide, 99.8%
  • Indir­ectly produced zinc oxide
  • Meets the EP, USP, and BP phar­ma­co­poeia require­ments
  • Is used in the cosmetics sector

Prop­er­ties: Zinc Oxide White Seal:

  • Zinc oxide, 99.7%
  • Indir­ectly produced zinc oxide
  • High degree of purity, high particle fine­ness
  • Broad applic­a­tion spec­trum:
  • Plastics industry, rubber and chem­ical indus­tries, paints and lacquers

Prop­er­ties: Zinc Oxide Red Seal:

  • Zinc oxide, 99.4%
  • Indir­ectly produced zinc oxide
  • Can be used in many standard applic­a­tion

Prop­er­ties: Zinc Oxide Special:

  • Zinc oxide, 99.2%
  • Directly produced zinc oxide
  • Broad applic­a­tion spec­trum in the glass industry, enamel and ceramics industry, oil addit­ives, chem­ical industry, rubber industry


Zinc Carbonate

A product with great poten­tial: In the produc­tion of zinc carbon­ates too, Brügge­mann has many years of exper­i­ence and offers a maximum of quality and effi­ciency for a wide variety of applic­a­tions in the chem­ical, phar­ma­ceut­icals, and cosmetics indus­tries. In these sectors too, we develop specific and indi­vidual solu­tions in close commu­nic­a­tion with our customers.

Zinc Carbonate RAC

A highly active zinc compound of zinc oxide and hydrozincite with an outstanding price-perform­ance ratio, which is partic­u­larly relevant for sulfur absorp­tion.

Addi­tional product inform­a­tion:

  • Suit­able for removal of hydrogen sulfide (e.g., in crude oil and gas explor­a­tion)
  • Can also be used in fertil­izers

Zinc Carbonate AC

Zinc Carbonate AC is not only a raw material for organic zinc deriv­at­ives. In the rubber industry it is also used in the produc­tion of trans­parent and trans­lu­cent rubber items.

Addi­tional product inform­a­tion:

  • Can be used in zinc soaps and zinc salts, cata­lysts, cosmetics, and house­hold cleaners, thanks to fungi­cidal and anti­septic active ingredi­ents
  • High purity and react­ivity
  • Activ­ator for sulfur and thiuram vulcan­iz­a­tion in the rubber industry


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