Production of Disinfectant – BrüggemannAlcohol is on TV

By providing answers for child­like ques­tions the German TV-show “Die Sendung mit der Maus” (engl.: The Show with the Mouse) gets to the bottom of socially relevant topics. To be broad­casted in the first German public-law national TV channel “Das Erste” on February 7th 2021.

Watch the video docu­mentary here

Tank trucks weighting tons, giant storage tanks, complex pipe systems and enormous recti­fic­a­tion columns – all this is neces­sary just so that I can disin­fectant my hands with a tiny splash of liquidity?! “Sounds weird but that’s the way it works!” says the mouse.

That was the reason for Chrisotph Biemann (German author, director and producer) and his son to get on to the track of the multiply applied disin­fectant in these days. Equipped with camera, micro­phone and script they visited Brüggemann­Alcohol on July, 9th 2020 to find out the origin of the disin­fectant: What is it made of? – Obvi­ously ethanol. But what is ethanol made from? The mouse is going to explain!

How does the liquid and gel-like disin­fectant, avail­able in tubes and bottles, derive from alcohol? What is the nature of a disin­fectant before it becomes this? How many phases does raw alcohol have to go through before it appears on super­market shelves as a sterile cleaning agent? And how exactly do these steps work at Brüggemann­Alcohol in Heil­bronn, Germany?

The mouse would not escape anything! It gave its eyeteeth to examine even the slightest produc­tion stage.

After Brüggemann­Alcohol warmly welcomed its TV guests, the first filming loca­tion began at the tank truck loading station - step one in the further processing of the raw alcohol. Next, the mouse explored our produc­tion: a huge building to clean up the alcohol and increase the alcohol content. Finally, our labor­atory staff explained to the tele­vi­sion team what to look for in quality control before our alcohol leaves the factory premises and is delivered to the customer. At the customer's facility, our alcohol is then used to produce disin­fectant, which the end consumer can later buy. The mouse also shows this step on February, 7th on the German TV channel "Das Erste"!

We thank the mouse to present the disin­fectant produc­tion in the docu­ment­a­tion in an easily under­stand­able way for every user and we looked forward to the broad­cast of the complete docu­ment­a­tion on February 7th 2021 at 9.30 am on the German TV channel “Das Erste”!

Missed the show? No worries. Just go to the "Die Sendung mit der Maus" online media library and watch the video docu­mentary here.

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